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We all have that dream. You know, the one you question if it is possible? The dream that has you wondering what you are doing in life. The dream you want to pursue, but.... 

Randy Hart

Vineyard Manager

Tracy Hart

Jody Yehle

Business Manager

Le Mulet Rouge (pronounced "la moo-lay rooj") is French for the red mule.  It pays homage to what we make and where we live. We grow French grape varietals in our estate vineyard, located on Red Mule Road above a wonderful old mining town called Fiddletown, California. 

The dragonfly symbolizes our dream of winemaking.  Literally.  As we were in the process of buying the Le Mulet Rouge vineyard and winery, a dragonfly would often appear.  On the day we made the offer,  a dragonfly appeared on Jody's bedroom pillow at her house in Downtown Denver!  Another time, at the vineyard as we were signing papers. The dragonfly is our sweet little reminder of our pursuit to happiness.

Life comes in seasons. The mule sketch pays tribute to our past lives as architects. It is our story of stubborn determination, who we are, what we do and where we are going...

This is how architects write. And yes, we love to write in ALL CAPS.

We were working as architects in Denver, traveling to California wine country, when we fell in love with a small vineyard and winery in Amador County.  In 2014, we decided to ignore that nagging "but," leave our professional careers to pursue our dream of winemaking. Now in just a few short years, we are producing award winning wines.

We hope those who drink our wine will fall in love with the vision and creativity we pour into each bottle. A little inspiration to not settle. Always dream big. Never give up.

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