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Made By Hand - Bottling Our 2015 Reserve Syrah

Our wines are precious to us. That's why we ensure that they're made with the extra care we can provide - from picking the grapes by hand to bottling with family and friends, we believe the special love and care makes the difference.

Harvest by Hand

Like any growing process, wine is a journey. We start by watching the grapes grow from babies to beauties. When the time comes, we harvest them ourselves (yes, just the three of us!) and ensure the best are chosen for our wine.

Crush by Hand

We then crush and ferment. We carefully watch over them and push down the skins by hand, making sure everything is just right. Then comes the barrel time. We put the wine in the barrel for two years and wait for the barrel and aging process to work their magic.

Bottle by Hand

After laboring over the wine and patiently waiting for years, we break out the party - it's bottling time! We have music, wine, family and friends that we've recruited for help - everything we could need!

This season, we bottled our 2015 Reserve Estate Syrah. Our friend Joe flew out from Denver, Colorado to help us in the bottling process. We started with filtering the wine and Joe (a seasoned bottler) filled the bottles while Jody worked the cork machine. The bottles got packed away to be labeled by hand by more family and friends. Producing 49 cases, our 2015 Syrah is a beauty. Stay tuned for availability!

Le Mulet Rouge Winery Dog, Gabe, and baby working hard.


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