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Harvest Fest Recipes

Hi All! I told you I would post the recipes from our Harvest Festival fare, so after a couple days to recover, here they are! Serve with roast chicken, pork or turkey, with the roasted vegetables of your choice. By the way, we enjoyed the event so much and we hope you did too. Wine on 49 in Sutter Creek is such a great organization. All the small wineries who belong to Wo49 love hosting all of you, any time, all year round. Make us your first choice for wine in the Sierra Foothills!

Wild Rice with Mushrooms

Yield: 11 servings

Start with:

1 lb. fresh mushrooms

2 tblsp. butter

4 tblsp. olive oil

Salt and pepper to taste.

Heat butter and olive oil in a pot, add mushrooms and saute’ until translucent, stirring frequently. Remove and set aside. In the same pot add:

2 tblsp. butter

2 c. rice (a blend of long grain, wild and red rice is very nice)

Saute’ long enough to slightly toast the rice kernels. Add:

4 c. chicken stock - not sodium free (water plus 2 tsp. salt for a vegetarian version)

Cover and bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer until the rice has absorbed all the liquid. Do not stir during cooking. Remove from heat. Stir in mushrooms, add salt and pepper to taste.

Cabernet Canneberge Sauce

Yield: 1 qt.


3 cups dried, sweetened cranberries (Craisins)

2 cups Cabernet Sauvignon

2 cups boiling water

2 cups chicken stock

½ onion, chopped finely and caramelized

1 tblsp. balsamic vinegar


Pour wine and boiling water over cranberries and soak for at least one hour. While soaking, caramelize onions with olive oil, salt and finely ground pepper to taste. Add chicken stock to onions. Add cranberries with all the liquid to the pot with caramelized onions. Reduce until at least 1/3 of the volume is gone. Stir in balsamic vinegar. Add 2 or 3 tblsp. of butter to finish.

For a finer, gravy-like sauce, strain and serve over chicken or pork. For a more rustic sauce, serve over roasted vegetables and meat with cranberries intact.

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