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Fall in our Fiddletown Vineyard

It is a beautiful time of year in the vineyard. Harvest is over, but not without some struggle. The winery suffered numerous days without power during the Public Safety Power Shutoffs in October. Luckily, our nights were cool enough to offset any heat gain during the day so our aging and fermenting wines were not impacted by the power outages.

After harvesting Grenache and Syrah, we were planning to pick Mourvedre from a new vineyard in Fiddletown to make our popular Trois Amis (Three Friends) blend, but when the grapes were ready, we were without power and water to run our equipment. Just before Halloween the power was restored... Trick or Treat? Birds had eaten most of the fruit. Fortunately, we will have the opportunity to buy their grapes again next year, so we will happily be producing our Trois Amis again - with another new friend.

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